"The company was asked to build this beautiful vacation home located in the Pocono Mountains in Pennsylvania. After a lot. "

New Construction in Monroe County, PA

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"This spacious 11,000 square foot home is located on 11 acres of land in Bucks County, Pennsylvania. Working closely with. "

New Construction in Bucks County, PA

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"Challenges to Historical Preservation Project The Landis Valley museum was the first historical restoration project that RT General Construction, LLC. "

Historical Restoration in Lancaster County, PA

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"Roofing This project in scenic Venango County, Pennsylvania entailed the demolition of the existing roof system, underlayment, roof edge flashing,. "

Shingle Replacement in Venango County, PA

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"Ocean County, NJ The buildings depicted in these pictures are only three of numerous buildings, located at a Navy Base. "

EPDM Roofing System Replacements in Ocean County, NJ

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